From ahu Mākua to Moʻo Heiau...

By Lynette Cruz

Mākua this morning. It was both sunny and misty. We hoped for rain. Don't know if it rained because I left early. Those long hikes into the valley are a challenge for this old body, lol. But it was beautiful as ever. Students and Kumu from Kamaile Academy (yay, Westside!) joined us. These guys are so awesome! The light in the valley made everything glow, including the students. And the flowers were redder than red! Our kiaʻi, Nathan RouttTaylour Chang, and Shantell Cruz are stepping up to the plate and running with the ball. Training underway for new leadership! Hope they picked up some new recruits today!

Photos from the cultural access into sacred Mākua on Saturday, May 18, 2019, by Taylour Chang and Lynette Cruz