ʻWe weren't in the valley much today, but... we were.'

Mākua Valley access this morning. Good crowd. Raining, but not too badly. Folks brought flowers and leaves to offer at the Mākua ahu. We gathered in the pavilion for introductions and the safety briefing. Martha H Noyes was prepped to do a talk on Mākua Valley and the relationship of the valley and surrounding areas to the heavens, the stars and other celestial bodies as seen from earth, whose names and positions in the night sky are reflected in the naming of specific sites and areas on the ground.

We were just starting introductions when Boom! Lightning in the valley! Twice! Then thunder on the ridgeline townside, around eight seconds later. The EOD guy immediately canceled the access and we were all instructed to leave. Half an hour into access and we were booted. So around 20 of us drove over to Fred Dodge's hale in Waiʻanae and reconvened there.

Martha laid her maps on the floor and proceeded to share with us the relationships between the various points in the Waiʻanae area and, actually, throughout the island. Food for thought, indeed. Lots of questions and comments and unanswered questions, too. I suspect we'll be doing more of these kinds of talks in the near future just so we can get a better understanding of where we are, but probably outside of a structure, where we can see with our eyes, as our ancestors did, how things line up visually. So interesting to me to know that the different districts on each island have boundaries marked by the positions of certain stars. As above, so below... We gotta do more of these talks.

Mahalo to those who persevered in this crazy weather. We weren't in the valley much today, but... we were.

Words and photos by Lynette Cruz