Beautiful and hot... really beautiful... really hot

By Lynette Cruz

The cultural access into sacred Mākua on Saturday was beautiful and hot. I mean really hot. And really beautiful.

Sometimes it takes us a while to get started because we talk a lot about history, personal and political, during introductions, which usually happens while we're creating floral offerings to place on the ahu. But that time, invested early on, is what contributes to relationship building and a good access.

By the time we got to the kiʻi pōhaku, however, we were already feeling the heat, and it was still early in the day. Summer was kicking our butts! So it was a short access. Good but short.

Some folks headed to the beach. Others went home. And the rest of us ended up at Hannara's for awesome banana pancakes and lunch, including Nate Yuen, Nathan Routt, Ku Ching, Kauluwehiokalani Eli, Emilia Kandagawa, and Rowan Alaka'ilenani Kapanui. After that was shower and nap time. Another spirit-filled day in and outside of Mākua Valley. She told us to go home early, so we did.