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Mākua in moʻolelo

The sacred Mākua Valley, which consists of the ahupuaʻa of Mākua, Kahanahāiki and Koʻiahi, has a history that is as rich and as deep as any place in the Hawaiian archipelago. That history, which included some of the most powerful dieties of the Hawaiian pantheon, was captured in the kind of stories passed down through generations, which still define Mākua and each Hawaiian island.

KRYSTLE MARCELLUS : KMARCELLUS@STARADVERTISER.COM Kilinahe Keliinoi, 16, blew a pu, or conch shell, Saturday to begin Malama Makua’s march celebrating 10 years without military live-fire training in Makua Valley..jpg

Mākua in print/web

Mākua has been written about since the mid-1860s. Whether articles or stories are in support of the mission of Mākua and Mālama Mākua or against it, if they include Mākua or Mālama Mākua, we will include them in our archives. More will be added all the time, so please check back.


mākua on video/tv/radio/podcasts

Mākua and the issues that surround Mākua have been the subjects of countless television, radio and video broadcasts. Here you will find examples of those broadcasts. More videos or clips will be added all the time, so please check back.



This page of the Mālama Mākua archives features official government documents concerning Mākua, such as U.S. Department of Defense contracts, letters from government offices, reports from government agencies, and resolutions from Honolulu City Council. More will be added all the time, so please check back.